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About NickTrep Desings

As a seasoned Industrial Engineer with more than two decades of expertise, I specialize in leveraging SolidWorks 3D CAD software to bring visionary designs to life. My  journey is marked by a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and precision, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds expectations.

My proficiency in advanced rendering techniques and 3D modeling has enabled me to deliver exceptional design solutions across a broad spectrum of industries. I pride myself on my ability to work synergistically within team environments, diligently meeting deadlines without compromising on the meticulous attention to detail that is my hallmark.

Throughout my extensive career, I have had the privilege of designing a wide array of products and components. This diverse experience has honed my design, analysis, and problem-solving skills, allowing me to tackle and overcome complex engineering challenges with creative and practical solutions.

I am passionate about pushing the boundaries of design to achieve functional elegance and efficiency. Whether you’re in the early stages of conceptualization or need expert guidance to refine your product designs, I am here to transform your ideas into tangible realities with professionalism, creativity, and unparalleled technical skill. Offers significant abilities in the areas of project and department management, document preparation, and quality assurance. Has ability to produce innovative and effective designs, work as a team player, meet deadlines, attention to detail have all contributed to my successes in design. Possess outstanding design, analysis, and problem-solving abilities.

NickTrep has Designed numerous products and components that have given a variety of experience. Skilled at working with clients, technical, and business teams to provide information and solutions to potential and existing issues. Has also directed teams, projects, and departments.


My educational journey commenced with the attainment of an Associate’s degree in CAD Design, subsequently broadening to include a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Throughout my career, I have engaged in a diverse array of projects, which have steered my educational path forward. Over the years, I have diligently honed my skills in these areas, continuously striving for excellence and innovation.

I initiated my journey towards professional independence following my relocation from Michigan to California, a move prompted by the decline of the engineering sector in Detroit, primarily due to challenges in the automotive market. In response to this downturn, and facing a competitive job market where senior engineers were increasingly occupying entry-level positions, I recognized the necessity to distinguish myself from the multitude of engineers seeking employment. Consequently, I endeavored to develop and refine a unique skill set that would enable me to stand out in a crowded field.